TORN: A Forensic Romance

She’s desperate to catch a killer.
He’s driven to right a wrong.
Can they untangle the complex history that binds them before an assassin tears their world apart?


“TORN is a steamy romance with enough CSI-style mystery to keep the pages from melting. The story is entertaining and engaging until the end, with likeable, fully-human characters and a lively plot. The chemistry between Nicholas and Savanna is intense from the very beginning, and the love scenes are hot and passionate. The mystery part of the novel is action-packed and full of intriguing twists and turns, keeping the outside-the-bedroom energy going strong as well. Minor characters add color and emotional force to the story – Savanna’s affectionate but thoroughly non-romantic friendship with her partner Matthew Quinn, for example, is particularly well done…”

~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader



Ten years ago, Nicholas Wade watched the beautiful and courageous Savanna Jones dodge oncoming traffic in a busy street to save a boy’s life.

Later, with only a few hours left before he deployed to a war zone, they spent a passionate night in each other’s arms. It was a night that saved his life. A night he could never forget.

But a decade can change everything.

When they’re thrown together to solve a vicious crime, Nicholas is hardened by his military career and the tragic deaths of fellow soldiers. Savanna is racing against time to catch a murderer and untangle the complications in her life. But is their pass so unfathomable that she forgot him?

Now they must try to solve the complex history that binds them before a ruthless killer tears their world apart.

Are you ready for what readers are saying?

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Amanda Heerschop

Your writing style is sophisticated and gripping at the same time. I am enjoying the “forensic romance” as it is different than anything else I have read and it makes me feel “thrilled” on two different levels (like CSI with Sara and Grissom – even though they lacked a bit of sex appeal haha).

Amanda Heerschop



Compulsively readable, emotionally engaging, and sometimes steamy, Torn will keep you guessing.


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